Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Character Designs for "DebuKaiju" Project

Bonovan B. and Emanuel Lopez

Captain Stove Williams

Co Captain Cisz Carpenter

Captain Takenori Xeel
Millenia Thatcher

 Pitstop Puddin'
Here are some of the character designs for "DebuKaiju" an upcoming webcomic project I'm currently involved with. I'll update my blog with other news for this as its being created.

Civility Cool Cat Kids Book Design

Civility Cool Cat was a character created for a kids book featuring the character. He is a super hero that teaches kids about good behavior and enriching their community.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Some Commission work for a friend, "Nirathok" a giant monster character design. This was fun to draw, below you can find the characters biography (not written by me) Expect a few more giant robot/kaiju related posts from me in the future!

Height: 100 meters
Weight: 200,000 metric tons
Gender: Genderless (Referred to as a Male)
Combat Style: Melee
Primary Attacks: Wrecking Ball, Deep Sea Drill
Secondary Attacks: Steel and Concrete Slab ‘Arms’
Primary Weapon: Chunks of concrete and steel
Secondary Weapon: Massive steel cables
Energy Style: Absorption of Rubble

Overview: Nirathok is a golem construct held together by mysterious orbs emitting a strange energy. His outer layer is comprised of ruined chunks of concrete and steel from buildings fused together in a rough hide, protecting a core of sentient orbs. His arms and legs are composed of the massive, broken concrete pillars that support a deep sea oil rig fused with various vehicles and large-scale equipment.

Origin: While drilling into an untapped oil deposit in the Indian Ocean on a brand new state of the art deep sea oil drilling rig, the crew accidently damages a ancient, pearl-like orb buried deep below the surface. The orb glowed faintly but was otherwise unremarkable. Thinking it to be the pearl of some previously undiscovered giant clam, the orb was recovered by a diving team and sent back to land to be identified. Two days later, the water surrounding the drilling rig glowed red, and a massive explosion of energy destroyed the platform. Three days later, a concrete and steel golem, glowing with red energy emerged, from the ocean at the port where the orb had been offloaded. Seemingly furious that the Orb was no longer there, the golem leveled the port, fusing the destroyed materials to its body as it went. By the time it finished it’s destruction, the press had already nicknamed it ‘Trash Monster’ in Hindi, and was mis-named Nirathok in the west. Reports from survivors stated that several brightly glowing red orbs were seen moving around inside the golem, and occasionally flying around it. The creature has a vaguely humanoid shape that has assimilated the deep-sea drill onto one arm, and a tower crane with a wrecking ball into the other. Nirathok currently travels the land looking for the missing orb, destroying anything in its way and growing.

Energy System: It is unknown exactly what powers the orbs, or what their purpose is. The orbs pull the destroyed materials into the golem’s body, however they have an upper limit to the amount of material they can absorb, which they seem to have reached with his current form. The orbs have the ability to draw materials towards them, which is how they constructed Nirathok. The range is limited and they are stronger when working in concert, which is why they constructed a golem instead of simply attacking individually.

Ranged Combat: Even though the orbs seem to possess a great deal of energy, the maintenance of the golem seems to use up most of their power. Instead of shooting beams of energy, one of the orbs keep Nirathok together draws materials from the ground around Nirathok and launches itself at the target. This can result is a spray of debris for light damage, or giant rocks or chunks of concrete for major damage.

Grappling: Nirathok may be slow, but the wrecking ball and heavy steel wire allows him to entangle his opponents and launch them in the air. There are thousands of feet of wire and cable inside Nirathok, which Nirathok can use to draw opponents closer where it can deal real damage.

Melee Combat: Melee combat is where Nirathok excels. While slow and ponderous, the fact that he is simply a construct of rubble allows him to absorb large amounts of damage and rarely allows him to be stunned. His melee attacks are slow put hit heavily. While in close, Nirathok can effectively use his drill to deal large amounts of damage, while using the Wrecking Ball and Steel Cables to immobilize or disorient his opponents.

Weaknesses: Nirathok, being a large golem made of building and construction debris, is slow and ponderous and thus will have a hard time chasing down other monsters. In order for Nirathok to fight effectively, he has to either stun the target with his ranged debris attacks or draw them close with his grappling techniques. Even while in melee range, Nirathok has to be careful of the damage he takes. Because his moves are slower than most monsters but he can take a lot of hits without flinching, it’s easy for Nirathok to take huge amounts of damage without dealing much damage in return. Enemies with strong ranged attacks can be effective at hold him off, unless they get within range of his grapple.

Bottom Line: Nirathok is a skill intensive tank. While at long range, Nirathok must stun or grapple with enemies to close the distance. While at close range, Nirathok can absorb a lot of damage and doesn’t flinch or get stunned often, but the enemy can deliver quite a few hits in between his massively damaging attacks. To counter this, Nirathok has to use his abilities in throwing small debris and using his Wrecking Ball effectively to disorient and stun the enemy.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Hello, what's in a name?

I'm working on creating the comic website for hosting of the Pachyon comic, probably won't be done soon as I want. Been thinking about the site name "ThePachyon.com" or maybe just Pachyon.com? Which do you think is better? Leave a comment if you have website name suggestions.

Also a few new sketches:

A rare glimpse of Luther without his cap on, what a precious moment.

Before the start of Pachyon, as part of her training to become guardian Xola worked hard maintaining the precious creatures of her village the elephants. As such she often had to clean up when they left happy accidents behind...

I'm going to try to upload a sketch a day for the next 30 days or so till I get the Pachyon website going.

Be sure to follow the blog for updates!

Friday, May 13, 2011

New Art

 Some fan art of Capcom video games Megaman X, this was done as a submission for Udon's recent Megaman artbook. It wasn't chosen to be in the book but I'm still fairly satisfied with this one.

Some recent art of my original character Dobuita, she's got mad ball handling skills. Enjoy!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Holiday Giant Robot Update.

Happy Holidays everyone, here are just some finished mechanical design line art of "The Pachyon" the titular robot of my upcoming comic of the same name. I'll try to get on a more frequent posting schedule pretty soon. In the mean time check out the development blog for the game I've been helping work on Guts N Glory with some artist friends. It's planned to be the very first nearly all plus size girls videogame.


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Preview Preview Time

Here are some in process previews of actual pages from my upcoming comic Pachyon as promised. Below are the finished line art for pages 2, 5, 7, 10 and 13 of the 25 page comic. They appear without text, color or shading.